10 The Fastest Record In The Worlds

Friday, August 3, 2012

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10 The Fastest Record In The Worlds

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1. Bob Munden (The Fastest Shooting Gun Who Ever Lived).

Bob Munden (born February 8, 1942, Kansas City, Missouri, United States) is a world-renowned exhibition shooter with all types of firearms, but is most well known for holding 18 world-records in Fast Draw and holding the title, "Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived." Bob Munden started his shooting career at age 11. Beginning in high school, Bob competed in Jeff Cooper's Big Bear "Leatherslaps" shooting competitions at Big Bear Lake, California in the 1950s. The Leatherslaps eventually became the South Western Combat Pistol League (SWCPL). When Bob Munden was 17, he placed second in the 1958 Leatherslap using a Colt .45 Single Action borrowed from Cooper. He claims to have won over 3,500 fast draw trophies. Bob holds 18 unbroken World Records in Fast Draw competition that he set with a real, stock-weight, Colt .45 single-action revolver. Though the World Fast Draw Association erased the records more than once when they changed regulations or timing equipment, Bob set them again, always using a real gun and a real holster, no light-weight “funny guns” or gimmicks. In competition with blanks, some of his records are: Walk and Draw Level Event: Fastest Time Ever Recorded: .15 hundredths of one second – Arcadia, CA 06/04/1972. Standing Reaction Balloon Event: Fastest Time Ever Recorded: .16 hundredths of one second – Norwalk, CA 01/21/1973. Total of Five Separate Shots, Standing Reaction Balloons: 1 and .06 hundredths of one second – Arizona State Championships, 1966. Self-Start: Fastest Time: .0175 hundredths of one second – Guinness Book of World Records Museum, New York, 1976. This time is less than one half, of one half, of one tenth, of one second. Bob has been recognized by the Guinness Book as: “Fastest Gun” “Quickest Draw” and “The Fastest Man With A Gun Ever Alive.” Using live ammunition, Bob holds the record for hitting a 2′ x 4′ steel, rectangle target 21′ away in .21 hundredths of one second.Bob isn’t the only one in his family who has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. In the 1970s’, Becky Munden was listed for her Fast Draw Record of .27 hundredths of one second for Standing Reaction Balloons. Click here for Giant Book of Sports listing. Bob’s brother, CW4 Philip G. Munden, U.S. Army, Aviation (retired), holds 5 world records he set as a member of the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights sky-diving team. Individually, Phil holds a parachuting record for making 43 consecutive, dead-center landings at night on a 10 cm (3.9″) disk. Bob and Phil’s world records last appeared in the same edition of the Guinness Book in 1980. If you look at recent editions of the Guinness Book of World Records, you will notice that with the exception of Olympic records, most shooting records are no longer listed, including those set by Annie Oakley, Ed McGivern, Tom Frye and Bob Munden.

2. Usain Bolt (The Fastest Runner).

 The Honourable Usain St. Leo Bolt, OJ, C.D. born 21 August 1986, is a Jamaican sprinter and a five-time World and three-time Olympic gold medalist. He is the world record and Olympic record holder in the 100 metres, the 200 metres and (along with his teammates) the 4×100 metres relay. He is the reigning Olympic champion in these three events, and is one of only seven athletes to win world championships at the youth, junior, and senior level of an athletic event. Bolt won a 200 m gold medal at the 2002 World Junior Championships, making him the competition's youngest-ever gold medalist at the time (since surpassed by Jacko Gill). In 2004, at the CARIFTA Games, he became the first junior sprinter to run the 200 m in less than 20 seconds with a time of 19.93 s, breaking the previous world junior record held by Roy Martin by two-tenths of a second. He turned professional in 2004, and although he competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics, he missed most of the next two seasons due to injuries. In 2007, he broke Don Quarrie's almost 36 year old 200 m Jamaican record with a run of 19.75 s.His 2008 season began with his first world record performance—a 100 m world record of 9.72 s—and culminated in world and Olympic records in both the 100 m and 200 m events at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. He ran 9.69 s for the 100 m and 19.30 s in the 200 m, and also set a 4×100 m relay record of 37.10 s with the Jamaican team. This made him the first man to win three sprinting events at a single Olympics since Carl Lewis in 1984, and the first man to set world records in all three at a single Olympics. The following year he further lowered his own 100 m and 200 m world records to 9.58 s and 19.19 s respectively at the 2009 World Championships. This made him the first man to hold both the 100 and 200 m world and Olympic titles at the same time. His 2009 record breaking margin for 100 m, from 9.69 to 9.58, is the highest since the start of fully automatic time measurements. His achievements in sprinting have earned him the media nickname "Lightning Bolt", and awards including the IAAF World Athlete of the Year, Track & Field Athlete of the Year, and Laureus Sportsman of the Year. Sportspro has rated Usain Bolt as the 4th most marketable athlete in the world.

3.Feliks Zemdegs ( The Fastest Rubik Cube).

Feliks Zemdegs (born 20 December 1995 in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian Rubik's Cube master speedsolver. The surname is Latvian. He bought his first cube in April 2008 inspired by speedcubing videos and tutorials on Youtube. The first unofficial time he recorded was an average of 19.73 seconds on 14 June 2008. He currently uses the Fridrich method to solve the 3x3x3 cube and the CLL method to solve the 2x2x2 cube. He won the first competition he attended, the New Zealand Championships (July 2009) with an average of 13.74 seconds in the final round. He also won 2x2, 4x4, 5x5, 3x3 Blindfolded, and 3x3 One-Handed. At his next competition, the Melbourne Summer Open (January 2010), he set his first world records for 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 average, with times of 9.21 seconds and 42.01 seconds respectively. Since then he has broken more records as listed in the table below. 2x2x2 Cube Average     2.12 seconds     Melbourne Cube Day 2010, 3x3x3 Cube Single 5.66 seconds Melbourne Winter Open 2011, 3x3x3 Cube Average 7.64 seconds     Melbourne Winter Open 2011, 5x5x5 Cube Average 57.94 seconds  Melbourne Summer 2012.

4. Kent French (The Fastest Clapper).
Kent French a Geniuine guy, excellent husband, and fantastic father- has developed his own technique for clapping.  He combined his unique style with amazing agility and endurance to set the world's record for the most claps in one minute--an astonishing 721 times in 60 seconds! That's a rate of 12 claps per second. Kent plans on breaking his record in the spring of '09. "As a musician," the Clap Meister stated, "I appreciate the tonal and rhythmic sounds of everyday things.  During one of my household item jam sessions, I figured out that the mechanics of clapping were oddly inefficient, because the one hand basically remains stationary while the other does all the work.  So I began experiementing with various ways to clap and eventually perfected my 'x-treme clapping' technique." Kent can 'speed clap' over 14 claps per second, but for longer periods, such as a minute, he averages 12-13 claps per second.  A warm-up period of an hour seems to help him most reach optimum speed. It is a painful experience to clap at this rate for an entire minute. Having the endurance is just as important as having fast hands. This talent has taken "toast" around the globe. He has been to Tokyo twice, Scotland and England. He is scheduled to go to Spain in January '09. He would have gone to the Netherlands in September but he got hit by a truck in August.

5. Howard Stephen Berg ( The Fastest Reader).

Howard Stephen Berg was published in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records as the Fastest Reader in the World. The Guinness Book of World Records reviewed the evidence for his claim, and it resulted in their publishing it in their 1990 record book.[11] There is also a question on scanning, or skimming being considered "reading". Berg himself states that he only garners the concepts and not the details of the text. In January 1998 the United States Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against Howard Stephen Berg for false and deceptive advertising.

This Trisha Paytas other faster reader who been invited by Ellen DeGeneres show, she from Los Angeles, California and she 24 year old but speed reader skill very unbelievable.

6.Bob Arno ( The Fastest Fingered ).

Bob Arno, (born in Stockholm, Sweden 1940 as Arnold Munthe) is known primarily as a comedy pickpocket entertainer and more recently as a criminologist specializing in global street crime. He became a U.S. citizen in 1992. Arno's stage pickpocket performance is billed as comedy, though it includes some non-comedic elements which, nevertheless, fascinate and impress audience members. First among these is his incorporation of documentary-style video which is projected during his presentation. As described in a March 9, 2004 article in The New York Times, the video is footage shot by himself and his wife, Bambi Vincent, of criminal pickpockets and other street thieves before, during, and after committing their crimes. This "reality factor" contributes greatly to the presentation's originality and adds elements of awe and enlightenment that give it depth beyond comedy. Unlike most other performers in the small, specialized field of pickpocket entertainment, Arno does not present magical effects for their own sake. He does incorporate principles of magic in much the same manner that criminal pickpockets, con artists, and other street thieves do. And, given that his show is comedy, he is not above preparing a volunteer on occasion to enhance his humorous finale. Regardless, Arno's thievery skills are legendary. Blue Moon Talent Agency says "Nothing a victim possesses is safe from Bob Arno's lightning lifts." He has perfected the art of the steal to include neckties, suspenders, glasses, belts, cell phones, wallets, and pocket contents, as well as watches.

7. Ricky Raphel Brown AKA NoClue (The Fastest Rapper).

Ricky Raphel Brown (born January 28, 1985), known by the stage name NoClue, is an American rapper from Seattle. He is best known for obtaining the title of the world's official “fastest rap MC” by the Guinness World Records, for rapping 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds (14.1 syllables per second) on his track "New West", in January 2005. NoClue grew up in the city of Federal Way, WA. He was reciting raps by the age of four and began writing his own lyrics at age 9. Brown grew up around the music business, as his grandfather was a member of the gospel band, The Singing Galatians, and earned studio experience while attending his grandfather’s every-other-Sunday recording sessions with that band. Brown’s first recordings were overdubs of popular rap beats, made with his cousins while Brown was still in junior high. As a 20-year-old, Brown broke the Guinness World Record in 2005 to become the fastest rapper on the planet. The attempt was recorded at Seattle’s B & G Studios on January 15, 2005 in front of a licensed speech therapist. Brown rapped at a clip of 14.1 syllables per second, beating the previous 12.5 syllable-a-second record set in 1998 by Chicago rapper, Rebel XD. He raps at a total rate of 1050.6 syllables per minute.

8. Steve Woodmore (The Fastest Speaker).
Steve Woodmore the World record for fast talking, I can speak in excess of 600 words per minute, I am featured in the Guinness book of records 1991 to 1997 and 2003,have held this world record for over 20 years now, the speed is 637 words per minute. Audiobooks are recommended to be 150–160 words per minute, which is the range that people comfortably hear and vocalize words. Research has demonstrated that adults can listen with full comprehension at 300 wpm.[citation needed]. Slide presentations tend to be closer to 100 wpm,[citation needed] auctioneers can speak at about 250 wpm,[citation needed] and the fastest speaking policy debaters speak from 350to over 500 words per minute. Internet speech calculators show that various things influence words per minute including nervousness. John Moschitta, Jr. was listed in Guinness World Records, for a time, as the world's fastest speaker, being able to talk at 586 wpm. He has since been surpassed by Steve Woodmore, who achieved a rate of 637 wpm.

9. John Taylor ( The Fastest Guitarist).

 The current fastest shred guitar player in the world is a 28-year-old music teacher in Colorado named John Taylor, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records where he played Flight of the bumblebee without error at 600 BPM at the Guitar Center in Westminster, Colorado in April 2011. John 'Dr. Hot Licks' Taylor, Guinness Book Of World Records' World's Fastest Guitarist, Lives In Denver, There exists a brutal reality check out there to remind us all that no matter how accomplished we get at anything, there’ll always be someone out there who’s better. Well, not anymore for John “Dr. Hot Licks” Taylor: After making an unofficial bid for world domination in a YouTube video, Taylor has finally caught the attention of those referees of miscellaneous human accomplishments at the Guinness Book Of World Records, and is now officially known as the world’s fastest guitar player for perfectly buzzing through “Flight Of The Bumblebee” at a fretboard-melting 600 beats per minute.

10. Chandler Miller,William Orrell & Zhewei Wu (The Fastest Stacking Cup).
In History 2005, Nathanael Florea won the world championship of speed stacking with a time of 7.96 seconds for a cycle. This was a new world record for competition times and was not beaten until 2006 by Robin Stangenberg's time of 7.41 seconds. However, Emily Fox held an out of competition record of 7.43 seconds until Robin's new time on 25, November 2006.[20] Then on April 15, 2007, David Wolf of Germany set the new cycle world record at 7.33 seconds which he then beat in the stack of champions with a final time of 7.25 seconds, at the 2007 World Sport Stacking Championships in Denver. Then, the world record was broken by Steven Purugganan with a 7.23 in Attica, New York [1] Just weeks after this, David Wolf got the record back with a 7.15 in Germany in November 2007. In February 2008, Timo Reuhl made history by stacking the first ever sub-seven-second cycle at a sanctioned tournament, 6.80. On February 16, Steven Purugganan took all three world records with a 1.96 in the 3-3-3, a 2.38 in the 3-6-3, and a 6.65 in the cycle. Steven, with his brother Andrew also took the doubles world record, 7.84. On March 16, Purugganan had extended his record streak by stacking a 6.52 cycle. On April 6, during the 2008 World Championships in Denver, Steven Purugannan, again, broke two of these records. (1.86 for the 3-3-3 and 6.21 for the Cycle) Then, on January 3, 2009, at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, Steven Puruggannan stacked the first 5 on a cycle at a sanctioned tournament with 5.93. Two years after, during the Rochester Championships in February 2011, Mason Langenderfer, a member of Team USA for 2 years, stacked and tied the world record cycle 5.93. This five second cycle is the first cycle world record set under the new individual stacking rules. in late 2011, Mike McCoy beat the world record with a time of 5.91 seconds. On February 11, 2012, The 3-3-3 record was beaten by Willam Orrell of USA with a time of 1.59 seconds. On the same tournament, Chandler Miller beat it again with a time of 1.53 seconds. On the cycle, Willam Polly beats the cycle record with a time of 5.84 seconds in the Delaware tournament the same day, and then, Miller and Orrell beat the cycle record with a time of 5.83 seconds.On March 3rd 2012,the cycle record was beaten again by Orell,with a time of 5.68.Then on March 25th 2012,the 3-6-3 record was tied by William Polly,with a time of 1.96,and the 3-6-3 relay was finally beaten with a time of 13.96.

                                              Chandler Miller Individual 3-3-3 World Records

                                                William Orrell Individual Circle Worlds Record
                                                 Zhewei Wu Individual 3-6-3 World Record

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